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Joe Biden tears into Hillary, Obama

Former Vice President Joe Biden has written a memoir on his time in the White House — and in it, it’s clear he’s not very fond of twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the hyper-partisan world of Washington, D.C. politics, insulting a member of your own political party is unthinkable… but Biden did it.

It’s not often conservatives and Biden see eye-to-eye, but their dislike of the Clintons seems mutual.

Biden said he “never got the sense that there was any joy” in Hillary’s campaign, and that she was simply a “prisoner of history.”

“Everyone thinks it was just raw ambition on her part. I think she was sort of a prisoner of history. First woman who had a better-than-even chance of getting the nomination,” he said.

“First woman, relative to the Republican field, who had a better-than-even chance of being president. But there’s a lot of baggage, fair and unfair, and there was no illusion on her part — this wasn’t going to be a Marquess of Queensberry fight. And so I never got the sense that there was any joy in her campaign.”

He also tore into former President Barack Obama and his ability to handle small crowds. He said Obama could work an audience, but not a small room… unlike himself.

“Barack would rather speak to a million people than speak to 30,” Biden wrote. “But I think I can do both. I really, really enjoy what I do.”

When asked about his further political ambitions, Biden was noncommittal. But one thing is clear: Biden thinks he’s the right man to lead the nation.

To critics, the 74-year-old Democrat is the kind of person that proudly claim to be the most humble person on the planet.

Biden tells InStyle magazine that “this moment in American history sort of fits into my wheelhouse and the strengths I have.” He cited his experience with diplomacy, his personal authenticity and his willingness to work with both parties.

Biden told Vanity Fair that he’s ruled nothing out for 2020. “I haven’t decided to run,” he told the magazine. “But I’ve decided I’m not going to decide not to run. We’ll see what happens.”