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J&K: Pakistan Has to be Stopped, Blasted

Yatindra Bhatnagar  

India’s pragmatic Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s government has to take more stern action to stop and defeat Pakistan’s proxy war against India in Jammu & Kashmir. The sooner it’s done the better it would be for India’s long-term planning to devote itself for the development of the nation.

That exactly what Pakistan doesn’t want and keeps India engaged in fighting this war that New Delhi has been handling half-heartedly for a long time. This soft policy and restraint have encouraged Pakistan’s reckless army establishment go on merrily to keep the fire burning.

The recent attacks on army posts, CRPF camps and calculated instigation to unruly collaborators in various areas of Jammu & Kashmir have escalated. The latest brutalities in killings and beheading Indian policemen and soldiers are appalling and disgraceful. But well, when has Pakistan respected international borders and honored agreements? That’s not in their nature, their culture and their planning.

India has to teach a stern lesson to Pakistan and its collaborators, on both sides of the border and the Line of Control. Last year after the notorious attack on Uri-based army setup when more than 17 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistan-based and sponsored terror groups, India launched a few ‘surgical strikes’ against terror bases in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. That silenced the terrorists for some time but recently more attacks have taken place. Some have resulted in brutal killings and beheadings of  Indian soldiers and para-military personnel.

These Pakistani tactics have been going on for years and decades though neither side wants a full-scale war. Pakistan knows that India would not start the war and merrily continues with a proxy-war. India realizes that a full-scale war will not go well with either the people in Jammu &Kashmir or internationally. Besides, the stakes are high as the war would severely hit the plans of economic, social and technological development in India that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always emphasized. Though India has succeeded in making the international community aware of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and several countries, including the United States, have frequently blasted Pakistan, this has not deterred Islamabad from indulging in terrorist actions and ghastly tactics.

Pakistan has not even curtailed its nefarious activities and continues on frequent attacks across the Line of Control resulting in killings of Indian security personnel. The recent case of brutal killings and beheadings is yet another example of an arrogant Pakistan’s belligerent policy towards India.

This calls for a firm, tactical and strategic move by India. Pakistan has to be taught a stern lesson. But how?   

After every attack and killing, the government ministers in India make statements that the martyrdom of  Indian soldiers will not go in vain, it will be avenged, etc.

Words have never had any effect on Pakistan’s military-set-up. Pakistan’s total existence and its military’s sole dominance are based on hate India and continuation of a proxy war against India. Pakistan cannot afford a full scale war with India, it knows for sure that the next war would be much more disastrous for the Islamic state.  

That’s why Pakistan carefully and diligently exploits the disgruntled elements in Kashmir – many tolerated and allowed by the governments of India in the past. And whenever possible, sends terror groups to create trouble and do the killings.

This scenario has to be changed, and changed soon. One political change was the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s success in elections when it got a majority in the Jammu region. The BJP could not do well in Kashmir region, the part that has more insurgents and more disgruntled and Pakistan-sponsored trouble-makers.  However, even the BJP and PDP coalition government in Jammu & Kashmir – a first for BJP – has not been able to do much in establishing peace and effectively stopping Pakistan in its nefarious activities.

India has to develop an absolutely effective policy about handling the Kashmir situation. It has always been the vision of the government to handle the state with a twin-aim policy: mollifying the people and toughening its stand against insurgency. Sadly, both have failed and the disgruntled and Pakistan-sponsored elements are continuing with their terror acts both from across the borders and inside the state.

India has to solve this puzzle but first a stern and effective action against Pakistan is required. This proxy-war and its leaders have to be handled firmly and quickly. The situation cannot be allowed to continue . It may become more difficult as real summer is here with areas no longer snow-clad and have become more accessible to insurgents. The Indian Security forces have to remain more vigilant and decisive, the somewhat lack of these attributes have resulted in disasters.

The latest reports from India say that the Army has been given a free hand in tackling the situation.  Politically this may not be acceptable to the majority of people in the state and the opposition in general, in the country. However, results often justify the action. One can only hope that changed tactics bring some solid results, and that too sooner than expected.