Random Recollection

I survived

Yatindra Bhatnagar

I am happy to report that I have survived, I am alive, I came out of the 10-day ‘ordeal’ without any – or much – of the side-and –after- effects I was warned of. I seem to feel that I am almost the same person I was before that ‘ordeal.’

I did not have nausea. I did not have diarrhea. I did not suffer from dizziness, may be slightly sometimes. I don’t think I have suffered from any serious or permanent tendon damage, nerve problem in the arms or legs, or a nervous system problem. 

There was no pain, no temperature and not even any slight  numbness/tingling/vibration/lasting headache, even vision change, shaking (tremors), seizures, mental/mood changes, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations or depression.

I can assure all of my well-wishers not to worry about any thoughts of me committing suicide. [In case you don’t know, it was written - and I was warned – that this may happen.]

Luckily, nothing of that kind happened and I am alive – body and soul intact and I did not have any intentions then – or now – of ending my life.

I was also warned about exercising though I have always been asked, and insisted upon, that I do it for 30 to 40 minutes at least five days every week. But the new phase of ‘advice’ and ‘warnings’ clearly mentioned to stop exercising.

[I am somewhat stubborn, adamant and a rebel and so I did not stop exercising. I was WARNED, but I ignored it and survived.]

There were warnings about drooping eyelids, unsteady walk or trouble breathing. Itching, swelling (especially of face/tongue/throat were also mentioned among many other things that might happen to me.

The kind medical persons who were taking care of some of my health problems and prescribing treatment were there all the way. I was, on almost every step, asked to immediately call, contact, talk to my doctor or even go to FDA if anything serious – and there were several possibilities – happened.

The kind people went to the extent of advising me to call the Canadian health authorities if I was visiting our American neighbor (having fun at the Niagara Falls or elsewhere) if there was anything disturbing in the 10 or so pages of warnings and advice I was kindly handed over by the caring nurse.

Of course nothing was left to chance; I was advised to call for help and that meant if some, most or all things had happened, I would have called for help at least a dozen times. The doctors or the other medical helpers would have quit their jobs if that had happened and I had kept calling. Probably my medical insurance also would have given up on me and stopped it immediately.  

Fortunately nothing – almost nothing – happened and I survived all these warnings and advice. [Why ‘almost nothing? I also want to save my skin if something happened to me in the next decade or more.]

It was just a precaution, covering all the ground and possible claims as I was on an anti-biotic medicine named Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) 500 mg Tablet for some imaginary, or real, infection. Well, the Lab test showed that – imaginary or real - I don’t know? 

I took the med and have survived to write the story of my ordeal despite all those warnings and advice. While reading all that I was inclined to refuse taking the med. But then, I thought it was OK, after all I am 89 and have lived long enough to get really intimidated by just a medicine.

So, what was that fuss about? Were the warnings of side-effects and after-effects and possibilities leading up to even suicide, real or just imaginary or just to save somebody’s skin if something REALLY went bad?

Whatever, Cipro could not do me any harm; I don’t feel I had any side-effects (or don’t get any indications that I will have any after-effects).

I don’t know if I am a normal person? Am I a superman that could beat Cipro and its side/after effects?

So far so good! I have survived and that’s all that matters.