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Did Obama give special visa allowing Russian to meet Trump Jr.

[Was the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya a set-up by former President Barack Obama’s administration?]

Rumors have started to swirl surrounding the possibility after it was revealed that Obama’s Department of Justice – led by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch – made a special exception to let Veselnitskaya into the country without a visa just days before she met with Trump Jr.

That’s a strange move to make for a woman who establishment Democrats are calling a hostile Russian agent.

The latest chapter in this lengthy story about the president’s alleged collusion with Russia involves Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr. During the campaign, he and some others close to Trump were approached by publicist Rob Goldstone, who promised “information that would incriminate Hillary.”

This information was to be supplied by a Russian attorney, Veselnitskaya, who coincidentally enough, has apparently never practiced law. According to Goldstone, this was supposedly “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” The connection was allegedly coming through some Russian billionaire friends of Donald Trump Sr.

Unsurprisingly and perhaps a bit naively, Trump Jr. accepted the invitation, leading to the meeting. But the promised information was not provided. Rather, the Russian lawyer apparently had another agenda in mind, one which Donald Trump Jr. had no authority over.

Here’s where the story gets interesting: Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has raised the question of how this woman was able to enter the United States for the meeting. She was apparently denied a visa in 2015 and appealed her case to the U.S. District Court in New York, which gave her a parole letter, allowing her to enter the country on behalf of a client.

Grassley has written to both the state Department and the Department of Homeland Security, asking how she got into the country for the meeting, when presumably either her visa or parole would have expired. The parole expired in January of 2016, months before the meeting with Trump Jr.

As collaborating proof of her being in the country, a photo has been discovered by CNN investigative reporter Michael Weiss, showing Veselnitskaya seated behind Obama’s Ambassador to Russia in a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia on June 14th, just five days after her meeting with Trump Jr.

While Ambassador McFaul denies knowing the woman or what she was doing there, her presence is clear in the photo.

She was also apparently in the country for the anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, January 21st, as evidenced by photos on her Facebook page. That’s six months after the meeting with Trump Jr. and a full year after her parole expired.

This raises all kinds of questions about what is really going on.

It seems rather clear that someone in the Department of Justice wanted this woman in the country, both for the meeting with Trump Jr. and for the Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.

All this happened during the presidential campaign, which means that it happened with the permission of Obama’s Justice Department.

Some critics of Obama have suggested that Veselnitskaya’s anti-Trump social media presence after the election is evidence she never actually sought to help Trump, Jr. In fact, there’s rumor suggesting the meeting could have been used by the Obama administration as an excuse to wiretap Trump’s campaign.

At the least, this was breaking of immigration law, something that was common under Obama’s administration.

Grassley said of that, “If there’d been enforcement of the immigration laws, she wouldn’t have been in the country. The other thing, if she was representing a foreign government… she wasn’t registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as well.”

If she was here to provide information from the Russian government to the Trump campaign, she was clearly a representative of a foreign government.  So why did Obama and Loretta Lynch give her a special waiver to enter and stay in the United States?

The key to all this might lie in finding who she was working for; something that turns out to be easier than one would expect. By her own admission, we find that Ms. Veselnitskaya was working for Fusion GPS.

 “Who are they?” you might ask. According to public records of the presidential campaign, they are nothing less than a company retained by Democrat operatives to develop opposition research on Trump.

The same company commissioned the phony Steele dossier, a fake anti-Trump document spread by Buzzfeed and CNN.

Could they have fabricated this event as evidence against Trump, rather than merely researching for such evidence? If so, why did they or the Democratic Party wait until now to bring it forth? It isn’t actually collusion anyway, as the only thing that makes it seem like collusion is Goldstone’s statement. Who is he working for?

It looks like it might be time for another investigation; but who really needs to be investigated this time?

As the facts come out, it doesn’t seem Donald Trump Jr. is the guilty one here… regardless of what those on the left are saying.

[Courtesy: The Horn editorial team]


Veselnitskaya sitting behind Mcfaul at a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia, June 14, 2014, much before Trump was sworn in as the US President.